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Winemakerin Beth Liston hat das traditionelle Chardonnay-Geschmacksprofil gründlich entstaubt und dem Klassiker ein echtes Dark Horse TM -Makeover verpasst. Durch die unverwechselbare Mischung aus klassischem Handwerk und Innovation überzeugt der Chardonnay auch diejenigen, die immer dachten, guter Wein muss teuer sein.




AWC Vienna Gold award 2019

— 2017 Vintage

More About Our Chardonnay

Visionary winemaker Beth Liston has brought together a team of experts to push the boundaries of the wine industry and our award-winning Chardonnay is proof of the success of her ambitious approach.

Each glass carries hints of peach, baked apple and pear with a rich honey blend. Its toasted oak undercurrent results in a warm, smooth finish with every sip. In fact, with its rich caramel undertones, prepare to be bowled over by how smooth this wine is. This Dark Horse Chardonnay pairs well with strong-flavoured dishes.

Each grape is picked from selected vineyards in California and is chosen at the perfect time to deliver the right results. Medium-bodied, the Chardonnay taste is the perfect balance of fresh acidity and warm toasted oak. This means this wine is a great accompaniment to both summer and winter weather - a versatile addition to any cellar.

A glass of Chardonnay is the perfect partner for a serving of smashed avocado with halloumi or to complement a creamy curry.

As gorgeous in taste as it is in colour, its golden hue will look impressive in your glass before you enjoy its flavour.